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Navigating a CPS case can be confusing, traumatic and isolating. Many parents carry pain and stigma about “having a CPS case,” especially if their children have been taken from them. When you put us to work, you gain a highly trained legal team and become a part of the K. Adeniyi Law family.


We treat our family with dignity and respect and we'll fight like hell to bring your kids home!  

CPS Investigations

Our mission is to prevent parents from ever having to go to court at all. We do this by providing you with legal advice and support early on—when a social worker first contacts you. 

If a social worker knocks on your door, visits your child's school, calls you or leaves their business card on your door, call us immediately.

Most parents do not seek legal help before speaking to a CPS social worker. However, it is imperative that you know your rights up front and, if possible, have your attorney present during all conversations with CPS social workers. 

Like talking to the police, what you say to a social worker during a CPS investigation can be used against you in court. 

K. Adeniyi Law will step in, advise you and protect your rights during CPS investigations. We work to keep your family together and your children out of the foster system. 

When that is not possible, we can often reduce your child's time in the foster system.

Your first step is to contact us for a free consultation.

CPS Case Representation | Going To Court

We are your family defense team. We will stand with you as you navigate your CPS case.

Together, we'll develop a legal strategy to keep your family together. In the event that your children have been taken from you, we will develop a legal strategy to return them home to you as soon as possible. We'll work together to identify the best arguments to make in court.


We'll also research case law that might be relevant to your situation and look into any legal precedents that might be beneficial. We'll also consult with other relevant experts in the field to ensure we build the strongest possible legal argument for maintaining your family bonds.


Furthermore, we will provide you with the tools and resources to recover from system-induced trauma. We will work tirelessly to ensure justice is served and your family is protected for the future.


Incarcerated parents often suffer the collateral sentence of losing their parental rights. K. Adeniyi Law attorneys specialize in cross-representation. Meaning we can represent you in your state and/or federal criminal case as well as your CPS case.


Our expertise in both areas of the law has resulted in incarcerated parents successfully maintaining their parental rights while in custody and maintaining their bonds with their children. We have success in tailoring criminal sentences to preserve parental rights.

Suing CPS

Most encounters with CPS are upsetting and traumatizing, especially when a child is involved. Routine procedures of CPS don't necessarily constitute civil rights violations.

However, if you can answer 'Yes' to any of these questions, you may have cause to sue CPS in court.

  • Has CPS taken your child from you without a warrant?

  • Did CPS take you from your parents without a warrant?

  • Has CPS told you or another caregiver to "move out" of the family home during a CPS investigation?

  • Has CPS required you to place your child with another family member during a CPS investigation?

  • Has CPS advised you to sign a contract to keep your children?

  • Has your child been injured in the foster care system?

  • Has your child been sexually abused in the foster care system?

  • Has your child been physically abused in the foster care system?

  • Has your child been over-medicated in the foster care system?

  • Did your child receive inadequate care or supervision while in the foster care system?

  • Did CPS lie, omit or falsely represent you to the court during your CPS case?


At K. Adeniyi Law, we seek to hold the system accountable for these harms.


K. Adeniyi Law

Fee Structure

K. Adeniyi Law offers our clients a flat fee retainer so we can provide creative, effective representation to families  - while minimizing financial barriers that impact access to justice.

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